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We were your regular overworked and underpaid individuals, overcome by a sense of ennui. Then one day, we decided to take fate by the throat… and take a look at us now!

We may still be overworked and underpaid.

But there’s a new zest for what we do now.

Calcutta Walks falls under the umbrella of V3 Travels and Tours, a Calcutta-based travel agency that serves tourists and makes sure all its clients have a good time. V3 Travels and Tours, now two years old, excels at creating travel packages suited to the different tastes of our clients.

Though V3 Travels can claim to Calcutta Walks, the latter is still pretty much an autonomous entity. Conceived of, founded, and designed by Iftekhar Ahsan – aka Ifte – an intrepid Explorer, Calcutta Walks is manned by individuals from various walks of life. As Explorers, researchers, and a resource team, we have on board theater veterans, historians, architects, lawyers, businesspeople, home-based professionals, corporate entities, and quasi-intellectuals whose sole job it is to keep us on our toes and at our best – for you!

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  1. Pritish says:

    Road to remember: A walk to explore Kolkata’s heritage
    Banu Haralu for NDTV 24 * 7
    Friday, March,28 2008 (Kolkata):

    If you believe that a walk can change the way you view a city you are visiting or reside in, you will have an opportunity to do so the next time you are in Kolkata.

    Calcuttawalks, an initiative of a group of young entrepreneurs, gives you the opportunity to you breathe in the essence of the first capital of the British Raj, better known as the City of Palaces and the City of Joy.

    The idea of a heritage walk is ready and tagged for a discovery of Calcutta. Quite appropriately, the tour would start from the Great Eastern Hotel.

    “The Great Eastern Hotel was the biggest hotel in the country and you could get almost anything here. The Europenas recreated it give you a sense of being in London that you had a bobby posted outside,” said Manjit Singh, explorer.

    Heritage walk is an informative walk and the information is coming from Calcutta lovers, not professional guides.

    Anecdotes and stories that recreate the city as it was during the Raj, Dalhousie Square, the writers building, the various influences on the city’s architecture, the when’s and the why’s.

    With sweeping changes taking place in the city, the walk provides that opportunity to get close to the historic city an experience that gives you a better understanding of the past.

    “I have been here six months and I have walked this square many times but I did not know all these stories. It will certainly make me see the city in a different light. And yes the connection with Britain is quite and nice,” said a walker.

    This tour is a part of Calcuttawalks, an initiative of young entrepreneurs in the city. It is been started quite recently and is already popular.

    “We are very upbeat with many enquiries form hotels and the tourism board. It is the first season and summer is round the corner but Calcuttawalks should be rocking,” said Iftekar Ehsan, an explorer.

    And finally, the special flavour of Kolkata and a memento of the city’s sights and sounds, the rikshawpuller’s bell.


    Dear Iftekar,

    Hv u seen kolkatamirror.com?
    Read TOI dtd 14/5.

    Best wishes.

    Shyamal chatterji

  3. Bill says:

    Even though I was born and raised in Calcutta,
    I would have enjoyed these walks. Just reading
    about them brings back tons of memories. This
    is a truly unique way to see a city.
    Wishing you guys every success.

  4. fotograffitti says:

    Looking forward to more events by you where I can be a part too….

    good luck buddies…

    Annuja Jain

  5. Surendra Sharma says:

    you have an amazing way of looking at our city.I have done IATA and have worked for Hyatt and Yak and Yeti, Nepal. I was working with a travel agency here in Kolkata. I found that you have demand of more explorers who can enliven the heritage and culture of the city. In this regard you can call me on my cell:9051369397/9874550429.I am Surendra Sharma, but its ok to call me just Suren.Waiting to hear from you.

  6. michael harrison says:

    looking for homestay family 3rd-8th nov 2010 we want a host family to share duwali
    with us

  7. Sourav says:

    Hello friends,

    Blog-a-ton is an online marathon, where all bloggers participate, and it’s been an year since it’s inception and we have already added around 450 bloggers in our forum, who participate in the event. To know more about it, check the website.

    We at Blog-a-Ton are organising meets at major cities on the occasion of Blog-a-Ton’s First Anniversary celebrations on 4th of July, Sunday.

    And the details of the Kolkata meet are as follows:

    * Date/time: 4th of July, Sunday at 1:00 pm.
    * Venue: Xrong Place, 25, Dr. Sarat Banerjee Road, Ballygunge, (Opp Marcopolo Restaurant), Kolkata – 700029.
    * Financial implications: Self financed, expenses will be shared by all of us attending.
    * Type of meet: Over drinks/coffee with a T-shirt signing session at the end. You ARE ALL EXPECTED to get a white/light colored t-shirt along, where we can all leave our signatures/comments/random-bakwaas, which will be there as memorabilia from the event.
    * You can get your friends along, the more the merrier, just make sure you attach their emails in this thread and confirm their presence too.
    * If you are attending, please make sure you inform me positively by 30th June by leaving me an email or sms confirmation at my mobile no. with your name and blog link.
    * Any suggestions/advices are welcome, but final decision rests on the Blog-a-ton committee, where we shall duly consider your opinions.

    Sourav C. Pandey
    Kolkata Marshal, Blog-a-ton.
    Personal Blog: ..in love with me and life

  8. babita says:

    pls let us know what u re doing at present.We are keen to get associated with like minded people in travel field.
    thank you.

  9. Reshmi Majumder says:

    Hello Iftekhar – I am visiting from Canada and would like to do a walking tour next week. Please advise re. Your availability. Many thanks!


  10. The day you guys can include ‘Playing Chess with the locals under the Gariahat flyover in the evenings’ you would have bought me completely. 2 years back I had contacted Calcutta Walks coz I wanted to collaborate on something – it didn’t materialised. Was very happy to see that you were involved with the Telegraph on Kolkata’s bday last year – I had left my number, called them up many times but didn’t get a call. This year when I go down to Kolkata I would like you all to customise the same package that you did for the Telegraph readers – riding the first tram, visiting the synagogue etc. Suddenly overwhelmed as I saw you all in Twitter… following on Twitter! and Facebook as well:)

    1. Hi Ishita,

      Please email us on explore@calcuttawalks.com and we’d love to learn more about what you have on your mind.

      Thanks and regards,


  11. avirup says:

    Great photographs and lovely stories. 🙂

  12. JDawg says:

    I’ll be visiting the city for some official work. Possible for me to get in touch with you guys?

  13. Looking forward to explore with the group.

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