Calcutta Canvas

The City intrigues those who look beneath her seemingly impregnable layers of reputation imposed on her over the years. She offers a zillion frames by the minute for the perceptive eye and the open heart.
City based freelance photographer Debarchan Chatterjee is one such City lover. His captures indicate that he is a relentless seeker of the soul that pervades common city moments.
When you walk the City, she offers herself to you – and all you have to do is either absorb and move on, or freeze whatever you can for posterity. Either ways – you make memories and you find that a part of your soul finds anchorage here.

DSC_0021-Edit11A rain kissed morning- with the white marble monument of the Victoria memorial looming large in the background. Savour the petrichor of this City- it’s heavenly. Walk barefoot on her grassy Maidan and catch the laid back city stretching herself out here.



DSC_0107Turn the corner in Sudder Street and suddenly the graffiti hits your eye, and so do the City constants like the ubiquitous hand pulled rickshaw. Add a colourful sari in the frame, and it’s like salt to taste in a perfectly cooked up dish served by the city. 



DSC_0352-EditThere is a lingering quality about this frame which ironically captures the retreating figure of a lady. The tiles on the right with deities and religious figures so typical of the city, combine with the tones to create so many levels of interpretation. One word encapsulates it- Mood.



DSC_02581It is often through reflection that we see ourselves for who we are. So much Calcutta-ness in one frame once more. Rickshaw,crowds, tramlines – all in one sweeping blur of moment.



DSC_0241Amidst the hectic schedules of work and even prayer, friends here find time to catch up with each other. The location here- the exquisite Nakhoda Mosque on Zakaria Street. 



DSC_0023-Edit-2A quiet moment spent with the one who has gone. All that remains, are memories that glow softly like the candles at the grave. Calcutta remembers… silently. fondly. deeply.



DSC_0168 (1)The ship of our dreams will not sink yet. It will keep afloat- and we keep ourselves afloat much like the ball in the air- going against everything that holds us down! Air and water sends us here a powerful message from the city.



DSC_0004Man, Bridge, River, City- all standing strong. Centuries have flown like the water under this Bridge and the City breathes life through all her pores. She is Calcutta. 




1Yeah- mortal and immortal need some protection from the rains 🙂 each have their own way of doing so. 



DSC_0029 (2) (1)‘Cause the writing’s on the wall’- so much on one wall – that’s Calcutta for you. 


So join us in this discovery- and if you have a camera handy, it makes for an incredible conversation many eons later in another country, context or clime.

Come to Calcutta and leave the rest to her!

A special word of acknowledgement to Debarchan Chatterjee for sharing his photographs with us at Calcutta Walks.

You can follow his work on

Instagram @debarchanchatterjee


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