Cabin food walking in the City- an appetiser

It is something that has been known for a while and a belief we at Calcutta Walks strongly stand by, that Food is one of the strongest connects you can have with any destination.
Any cuisine with its varied flavours, common ingredients and distinct taste adds a unique identity to the character of a place.
Calcutta too has its incredible tastes- but what makes hers so amazing is the variety of flavours that have emerged because of the plethora of influences that she has merged in herself.
In an endeavour to provide a holistic experience of the city to those who are more than tourists, Calcutta Walks has come up with its unique Cabin food walk.
This walk focuses on the typical ‘cabin’ culture of eating out in the city- the little food joints that have been an integral part of the food scene of this melting pot of cultures.

It is time to get on board with our explorers and walk the food trail, one stop at a time- beginning from the famous Dilkhusha Cabin near Presidency University, with its famous array of cutlets and kobiraaji.

The delectable kobiraaji at Dilkhusha Cabin
The delicious Chicken cutlet at Dilkhusha Cbin- try the Prawn variety as well.

The iconic Indian coffee House also features prominently on this trail. Its characteristic white coffee cups, with Chicken Afghani to feast on, or chicken sandwiches, along with the typical white uniformed waiters, creates this unique nostalgia in all.

The Black coffee infusion at the Indian Coffee House
The shamelessly curried Chicken Afghani at the Indian Coffee House
Explorer Ramanuj shows how to do it his way! 

The walk stops by Boshonto cabin, then a number of off-the-map eateries that are Calcutta’s best kept secrets.

Everything can then washed down with copious amounts of sherbet in its various avatars at the iconic Paramount. Try the Daab (tender coconut) sherbet or even the chilled Tamarind sherbet. The feeling is one you get in an oasis, after a long walk through a desert!

The sherbet oasis called Paramount- in the foreground starring the Daab sherbet on the left and the Tamarind on the right.
In the picture- at the back right hand side Explorer Ramanuj, and in the left background is Explorer Anirban.

The point of taking this walk is to savour the city through its food- and creating a unique set of memories, is to get under the skin of an entity called Calcutta.

On the foodtrail with Explorers Ramanuj and Anirban.


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  1. kolkata is a heaven for the food lovers and the streets of kolkata are the ultimate destination. One can easily fall in love with the flavors of kolkata .

    lovely article .. cheers !

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